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UPDATE (March 8, 2024):

Heads Up!

It's been a while since our last public self-defense seminar. But here's the deal: we're still here for you and your group. Interested in a private seminar? Reach out through our form below. Plus, keep in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter for updates on future events. Let's stay connected and empowered!



As women, we often are not used to others being in our personal space. Learning self defence can help to overcome awkwardness through practicing skill-based techniques and drills, which is also useful in self defence.


It may seem intimidating at first, but rest assured, you are in a supportive environment and everyone is here to learn and help each other. As we build up our women's program, it is important that we keep this in mind so that we make it a welcoming and safe place for everyone.


You will be learning a variety of techniques designed to help you in many typical self defence situations. A high level of physical fitness is not required to participate in this course, and no prior experience is necessary. We work people within their physical limitations

Benefits of joining our Self Defence Course

Learn how to protect yourself from most common attacks

Increase focus, energy and concentration

Develop awareness to deal with typical assaults

against women

Increase self confidence


What to expect
as a beginner: 

There are no make up classes. We will be progressing the material each class throughout the three weeks. The goal is to work on repetition of simple techniques to help every woman gain confidence and awareness.


Beginner etiquette:

- Please do not wear any jewelry (watches, rings, piercing taken out or taped)

- Take off makeup if possible

- Brush your teeth, wear deodorant and keep nails trimmed out of courtesy for others.

- Wear comfortable clothes

- Bring water

Techniques we will be going over:

- understanding distance and boundaries

- basic wrist escapes and falling techniques

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