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Lil Dragons Taekwondo

Taekwondo for children ages 4 through 6

At Elite Taekwondo we believe that Taekwondo will provide numerous benefits to any age group. That’s why Lil’ Dragons’ was created. Specially designed for our 4 to 6 year olds, Lil’ Dragons Classes develop your child’s focus, discipline, ability to follow directions, and of course coordination and physical skills.

Our Lil’ Dragon’s classes will provide your child with:

  • A sense of focus and determination

  • A structured learning environment

  • A fun and safe form of exercise

  • Instructors that are friendly, encouraging, and act as positive role models

L’il Dragons classes will keep your child excited with non-stop action! Your child will run, jump, kick, and punch their way to greater fitness and confidence. They’ll love every second of it.

After completing our L’il Dragons program, your son or daughter will be fully prepared to join our regular Children Programs. We are committed to putting your L’il Dragon on the road to Black Belt Excellence.

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