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Taekwondo Special Events

Elite knows how to have fun!


Elite does know how to have fun too. Throughout a calendar year we do many, many FUN things that everyone is encouraged to participate in. Activities include:

  • The water park Workout – held annually as part of T.A.A.

  • Christmas Parties – There are two parties – one for children and one for adults

  • Break-A-Thon and Family Picnic – Usually held in June

  • Family Night – provides a time for families to workout together and play together after

  • Bring a Friend Night – opportunity to show a friend what you do and participate

  • Bring a Parent Night – opportunity to show parents what you do and participate

  • Paint Ball – For Junior’s and adults this event is held once a year

  • Summer Camp – a day camp program focusing on Taekwondo, fun and lots of activites


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