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“Thank you for the great first experience at Elite TKD. This is my first time trying TKD and the professional, welcoming, and friendly environment made this personal challenge a much less scary step. It was great how the more experienced members of the club provided subtle direction and support so I knew where to go and what to do, but still felt comfortable going at my own pace as a novice. It is also very cool to have all the levels working together at the same time so those who are novice can see the potential of where they will get with their fitness and discipline if they put in the effort and discipline. It was a fantastic workout…”

Julia M.

“I appreciated being paired up with someone who had more experience. Omar was very helpful and encouraging which made my first class a lot of fun and beneficial. I researched different schools online before landing on Elite and what I appreciated was the high qualifications of the instructors. Based on this I felt I would be benefiting the most from classes at Elite compared to other gyms in the region.”

B. Kline

“They teach very good technique and understand the importance of the basics. Also good people and lots of fun!”

S. Elliott

“I am pleased with the physical and mental challenges that Elite Taekwondo has posed for me. These challenges are positive and provide the additional push that I need in all areas to help me become a stronger teacher, athlete and competitor. I enjoy the variety in class activities and instructor knowledge that keep the classes new and interesting.”

J. Smeall

“Very fun and welcoming. I was put at ease right away even though I was stepping into a class that had clearly already been running for some time.”

K. Goodwin

“My week at elite jiu-jitsu was one to remember. The people were amazing and very helpful! If you are looking for somewhere to learn jiu-jitsu then i would 100% recommend elite jiu-jitsu.”

R. Pope

“I came into my first BJJ class feeling very intimidated and scared because I’ve never tried any kind of martial arts before. I was immediately put at ease not only by the instructor, but also by how welcoming the students with higher belts were. The warm up at the beginning of class was great, and the instructor was excellent at explaining every detail of the movements we were learning. I left class feeling more confident and will definitely be making BJJ a part of my life!”

S. Madsen

“Very good instructors, students and atmosphere. Lessons are very interesting and effective.”

V. Tsym

“Elite Tae Kwon Do is a studio that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in learning martial arts. The staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The instructors work hard to help all students succeed. It’s very easy to feel like part of a great Tae Kwon Do family at Elite.”

M. Nawrot

“Thank you Steve Sir and your staff for making me feel immediately welcome and comfortable. You are true professionals and I appreciated your compassion toward a new learner. You ensured I paced myself, yet pushed myself to be my best. I will return in the future as a full-time student.”

J. Hunting

“I feel delighted after joining your academy. Because my dream is going to be true after 25 years. It’s entirely new to me. But the way how you guys explained to me was really appreciated. Thank you very much.”

M. Ramasamy

“I had a great time training at Elite. The staff was friendly and helpful. The people training there were very welcoming.”

B. Nadeau

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