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Taekwondo Promotion Tests

Helping You to Achieve Your Goals



What is a Promotion Test?

Promotion test is the opportunity for Master and/or Instructors to assess how you are doing in learning the art sport of Taekwondo. When you are proficient at your current level you will be promoted or passed on to the next level. These levels are represented by your belt color:

Yellow Belt

Is representative of gold, which means truth. It is important that an individual be truthful with himself as it eliminates egotism and creates personal contentment. The concept of the seed is additionally symbolized by the color of yellow. It is only a quality seed that can grow into a quality plant. However, the foundation has to be solid so that future growth is possible. The planted seed cannot expect to grow into something that it is not. An apple seed cannot grow into an orange tree – we have to accept who we are as individuals and try to excel to the best of our abilities.

Green Belt

Signifies growth. Since we live for the future, growth is necessary and essential for living. Growth is normally associated with changes and we must accept those changes even though they may cause feelings of insecurity.

Memory of our own achievements in Tae Kwon Do serves many functions. As a green belt, it must serve as a reference for our development, but must not hinder our progress. For example, being a gold medallist in last years competition should not deter you from training even harder for the next competition so that your next performance will be more polished and refined that when the gold medal was won. Therefore, growth is reflected in that individual.

Green in a plant usually represents life. It reminds us that we are living, and living is experiencing the future as little bits of “present ness” occurring one after another. Re-experiencing the past continuously is not living, it is a state of stagnancy, a state of rigidity, a state of death.

Blue Belt

Symbolic of the sky. Although our naked eye can see only a portion of the vast heavens, it does not represent all that there is. The color blue representatively depicts the mind and the mental depth or maturity potential of an individual. Like the sea, we cannot see how deep the water is nor the continuously moving current underneath the calm surface. It is our determination that gives us the ability to conquer difficult tasks. Therefore, we should train ourselves to be strong mentally as we as physically. Tough times don’t last, but a tough mind does.

Red Belt

Represents the sun, the brightness, the energy that it projects, the physical acts of the individual. It is only through physical activity that an individual is given identity through his or her mental depth and capabilities. It is through the physical training in Tae Kwon Do that an education of the mind and a re-evaluation of self occurs. By overcoming physical setback through perseverance and determination, the development of the indomitable spirit takes place – the ultimate goal of Tae Kwon Do. Acquiring the indomitable spirit through the art’s physical training and the internalization of the individual’s mental attitude enables the student of Tae Kwon Do to deal with setbacks and difficult situations. Through our indomitable spirit, we are capable of evaluating, conquering and bouncing back from disillusions or disappointments. The red belt also represents limitations, which is opposite to the limitless blue belt. In contrast, limitations permit an individual to evaluate his or her progress. It prepares us to reach our short-term goals, which, in turn, leads to achieving an ultimate goal.

Black Belt

Combines all the belt colors and thusly, represents all of the different concepts of the proceeding colors. It represents the commitment to the value system of the colors and dignity, which comes from pride in oneself. However, pride in oneself is achieved only by overcoming difficult tasks through physical achievement, mental determination or a combination of both.

Degree of black belt represents the different levels of mental intensity of an individual, and the ability to use these for successful living.






Testing Times

At Elite Taekwondo Promotion Testing takes place one Friday evening per month starting at 5:30 for Children and 8:00 for Jrs and Adults.

How do I know if I am ready?

There are 3 steps to knowing if you are ready to go to promotion test.

  1. You need at least the minimum number of classes to qualify to test. This is why it is so important to be SURE you sign in at every class. The information on the sign in sheet goes into the computer to keep track of how many classes you attended as well as which ones they were.

  2. This next step goes hand-in-hand with step one. Elite Taekwondo has four main areas that we concentrate on at class. These are:

    • patterns (yellow)

    • one step sparring (green)

    • breaking techniques (blue), and

    • sparring (red)

    • During class, when your instructor sees that you are proficient in any one of these areas you will receive the color of stripe for that area. These stripes are worn on the right side of our belt. Once you have all four area stripes and the minimum number of classes you are able to ask Adam Sir for permission to test. (see stripe for more detailed description

  3. This next step applies only to Children and Juniors. This is the “Attitude Stripe” (black). This is the only stripe that cannot be obtained from an instructor. This stripe must be given by the parent and/or guardian. The parent must feel that the student is deserving of this stripe. In determining whether or not a child or junior receives this stripe one should consider the principals of Taekwondo, attitude, behavior etc. in all aspects of the students life not just how he/she is at Taekwondo. Parents also can take this stripe away if the child or junior is not deserving of retaining it.

I’m ready, now what?

Now you need to fill out the promotion test form. These are available at the office. There is a cost each time you test. Speak to the person at the reception desk to find out how much it is. Fees must accompany promotion test forms & be into the front desk one day before the test to allow for administrative work to be completed. There will be no exceptions.

Promotion Stripes

Promotion Stripes (which are smaller than Belt Stripes) are away to visually show how a student is progressing within a rank (belt) level. Four stripes (yellow, green, blue, red) are given by the instructor in class when a specific skill or technique has been mastered. The last stripe (black) is given by parent(s). Before a student attends a promotion test all stripes must be obtained.

Yellow Stripe – Patterns

You are required to know a pattern to achieve the next belt level. A pattern is a series of movements such as blocks, kicks and punches in action and reaction against an imaginary opponent.

Green Stripe – One step sparring (punching and kicking)

Up to two yellow stripes, you are required to know the basic punching and kicking drills that we do in class, ie. horse stance, middle punches, high lifting, front kick, round house kick, side kick and back kick.

At two yellow strips and above you learn One Step Sparring or ~One Step Self Defense”. You learn to defend against a one-step punch attack. As you learn these, you will also learn to attack, defend and in some cases, fall correctly.

Blue Stripe – Breaking

One of the things that we do at our school is to take our techniques and put them into practice. We do this by breaking boards. Some may be intimidated by this, but they shouldn’t be. If you have proper technique and form and keup, you will break the board!

Red Stripe – Sparring

Up to two yellow strips, sparring is non-contact. This is one of the most important times to be paying attention. It’s at this point that you start to work on putting the kicks and punches together in combination. This is also the time that you learn to judge distance against your opponent and learn control.

At two yellow strips the sparring is full contact but with control, which means not with full power. The goal is not to hurt your opponent but to learn how to react against a real opponent. It’s like full contact chess. This is the time to test and try your techniques.

At each belt level above two yellow stripes you are responsible to show the different techniques that you have learned.

Black Stripe – Attitude

This stripe is required for Children and Jr.’s. This is the only stripe that cannot be obtained from an instructor. This stripe must be given by the parent (guardian). The parent must feel that the student is deserving of this stripe with respect to the students attitude, whether it be respecting their parents, doing their homework, doing their chore(s), etc. It is the parent(s) that must decide this and is the only one that can give the stripe as well as has the right to take it away. Without this stripe the student cannot test.

With each of the stripes obtained and enough classes, one is ready to test, with permission from the head instructor.

One must realize that as they move up in rank towards black belt, you are still responsible for all that you have learned to that point.. This does not mean that you can forget about any patterns that you have already learned, or the breaking techniques or one-step or sparring or even attitude, you are still responsible for them At any time the instructor may ask you to teach and show a lower belt their pattern or a kicking technique or one-step or sparring. Be prepared.

What will happen at the promotion test?

The testing at Elite Taekwondo usually takes place once a month. Check with your school for the next Promotion Date. Please arrive 1/2 hour early to allow for proper warm-ups and for spectators to get a good seat.

There are four components to the test:

  1. patterns,

  2. one step self defense

  3. sparring

  4. breaking

There is an intermission after the self defense and sparring.

Expectations of the student when testing

  • Always wear a clean uniform

  • Have nails neatly trimmed

  • No jewelry allowed

  • No eating, drinking or chewing gum allowed

  • Be on time

  • Have respect for your fellow students, sit still and don’t talk unless it is urgent

Expectations of Elite Taekwondo when running a promotion test

  • To start the test in a timely manner

  • To have dojang set-up ready for the test

  • To inform the spectators and students of the proper protocols (i.e. when to stand etc.) used at testing time

Expectations of the parents, spectators and guests

  • To not enter or leave the dojang during the test. Intermissions are provided twice during the test time when leaving or entering is more appropriate. Keep children out in the viewing areas with you to avoid this happening

  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the dojang

  • Please confine all food and beverages to the “Tiled Area” of the waiting room

  • Children in waiting area are to be quiet

When will I know the results of the test and then what?

Results take at least one week to compile and generate certificates. New belt levels and certificates will be given to you at the first class you attend following this time.

Then you start the whole process again at your new belt level.



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