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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Adults

Martial Arts in Edmonton: Jiu Jitsu for Men & Women

At Elite our teachers and staff bring you the highest quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction in a friendly, respectful, family environment. Whether you’re looking for discipline, fitness, sport or self-defense training, Elite is the place to be.

We welcome both beginning adults, men and women, as well as advanced students. Everyone has their own goals which we respect and commit to helping you reach them.

Students also improve their quality of life through developing their focus, discipline, skill, self-confidence and physical fitness. Jiu jitsu can provide families with a lifetime of shared memories, personal growth, and common interest.

Benefits of Jiu Jitsu include:

  • Getting a great physical workout in a motivating environment;

  • Helping to keep you healthy and lose weight if that’s your goal;

  • Building your confidence which helps improve other areas of your life;

  • Helping to reduce stress; and

  • Learning effective self-defense techniques.

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